5GCITY #7 Newsletter

The 5GCITY newsletter #7 is published, with the latest news on the project funded by the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020. In the new issue: 5GCITY Project Final Review & expected results, Connecting Future Cities: 5GCITY Project Outcomes, 5GCITY Indoor Field Tests in Barcelona, 5GCITY at EuCnc Virtual 2020 with Publications, Papers, Deliverables and Video.  Read […]

5GCity Project Indoor Field Tests in Barcelona City Council

5GCity Barcelona main pilot validation in licensed spectrum was already performed and finalised using 3 Accelleran Small Cells deployed outdoors in lampposts at 22@ District. Additionally, 2 further Small Cells were added as an indoor deployment in Barcelona City Council – Saló de Cent to enable BTV Mobile Backpack video transmissions of the Barcelona City […]

Techno-economic analysis of 5G immersive media services

Fifth generation (5G) envisages a “hyperconnected society” with an enormous number of interconnected devices, anywhere and at any time. Edge computing plays a pivotal role in this vision, enabling low latency, large traffic volumes, and improved quality of experience. The advent of 5G and edge computing encourages vertical industries to develop innovative services, which can […]

5GCITY #6 Newsletter

The 5GCITY newsletter #6 is published, with the latest news on the project funded by the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020. In the new issue: 5GCity Orchestrator’s final release is out there, Virtualization at the Edge, Neutral Host Modelling in Lucca, 5GCity 7h F2F Final Meeting in Lucca, Techno-economic analysis of a small cell network based on 5GCity platform, […]

Neutral Host modelling in Lucca

Lucca is a small sized historic town and represents within the project 5GCITY the challenges and issues that hundreds of other European historic towns will have to tackle when it comes to the take up of the next 5G networks. The project tested in Lucca the deployment of broadband services distributed on an experimental radio […]

Virtualization at the edge

The virtualization enhancements developed within the 5GCity project have the goal to support the neutral host model for smart city deployments. The envisioned virtualization technology demands high levels of security and performance with a unified view of sliceable and heterogeneous devices and radio technologies (e.g., LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi) as well as analysis and design […]

2nd 5GCity Hackathon in Lucca

The 5GCity Consortium has organized its 2nd 5GCity Hackathon in the suggestive location of Real Collegio in Lucca (Tuscany). The 5GCity project, that will be concluded in March 2020, has focused on live demonstration of 5G services in three cities going through digital transformation: Bristol, Barcelona, Lucca. Through the 5G management and orchestration platform and […]

5GCity Orchestrator’s final release is out there!

The final version of the 5GCity Orchestrator has been released in October 2019. All the components that were included in its conceptual architecture design have been implemented by our software developers in the 5GCity GitHub space, and various of them are being considered for open-sourcing to the broader public. Various well-established open-source solutions such as […]