Neutral Host modelling in Lucca

Lucca is a small sized historic town and represents within the project 5GCITY the challenges and issues that hundreds of other European historic towns will have to tackle when it comes to the take up of the next 5G networks. The project tested in Lucca the deployment of broadband services distributed on an experimental radio […]

Virtualization at the edge

The virtualization enhancements developed within the 5GCity project have the goal to support the neutral host model for smart city deployments. The envisioned virtualization technology demands high levels of security and performance with a unified view of sliceable and heterogeneous devices and radio technologies (e.g., LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi) as well as analysis and design […]

5GCity Orchestrator’s final release is out there!

The final version of the 5GCity Orchestrator has been released in October 2019. All the components that were included in its conceptual architecture design have been implemented by our software developers in the 5GCity GitHub space, and various of them are being considered for open-sourcing to the broader public. Various well-established open-source solutions such as […]

Deploying a novel 5G-enabled architecture on city infrastructure for UHD and Immersive Media production and Broadcasting

Once again 5GCity partners led by the University of Bristol and i2CAT (Carlos Colman-Meixner, Hamzeh Khalili, Konstantinos Antoniou, Muhammad Shuaib Siddiqui, Apostolos Papageorgiou, Antonino Albanese , Paolo Cruschelli, Gino Carrozzo, Luca Vignaroli,  Alexandre Ulisses, Pedro Santos, Jordi Colom, Ioannis Neokosmidis, David Pujals, Rita Spada, Antonio Garcia, Sergi Figuerola, Professor Reza Nejabati, and Professor Dimitra Simeonidou) achieved […]

The 5GCity Neutral Host Model

By Ioannis Neokosmidis, Theodoros Rokkas, Dimitris Xydias, CFA – inCITES Consulting   Traditionally, mobile networks are designed as a set of macrocells that provide radio coverage to a large area. In the last years, however, mobile data traffic is experiencing an explosive growth stemming from the use of bandwidth-starving applications driving the evolution of mobile networks and […]

Crowd Streaming in 5GCity

Pedro Santos – MOG Academy The growing importance of crowd streaming contributions has become increasingly relevant in the media domain. As a result of the evolution of mobile devices with more and better features, allows the footage made by these devices be used in broadcast workflows. The high potential associated with the participation of an ordinary […]

5G impact on Media Production Workflow

Luca Vignaroli – RAI CRITS While previous generations of network technologies have been designed as general purpose connectivity platforms with limited ability of adaptation to different use cases, the situation changes in the definition of 5G networks. The 5G creates a new ecosystem that allows the involvement of vertical markets such as automotive, energy, food […]