5G – Enabled Architecture on City Infrastructure for UHD and Immersive Media Production and Broadcasting

SDN-based Architecture in 5G EPON Nodes

  • Design Considerations for an Energy-Aware SDN-based Architecture in 5G EPON Nodes is introducing a framework to base on SDN concept in order to prepare the EPON backhaul to deal with the 5G applications and services, and minimizes the energy consumption of EPON networks.
  • Related Info can be find the this link: http://icton2018.upb.ro/
  • Authors: Hamzeh Khalili, Pouria Sayyad Khodashenas, David Rincon , Shuaib Siddiqui, Jose Ramon Piney and Sebastia Sallent

NFV-based Ecosystem for 5G Neutral Hosts

  • Edge Computing Enhancements in an NFV-based Ecosystem for 5G Neutral Hosts – provide a solution that combines extensions in the orchestration and VIM layers, along with concrete solutions to the ETSI-identified open issues for NFV-MEC integration, in order to pave the way towards edge-aware NFV solutions for 5G neutral hosts.
  • Related info can be found here: http://nfvsdn2018.ieee-nfvsdn.org/
  • Authors : Gabriele Baldoni, Paolo Cruschelli, Michele Paolinox, Carlos Colman Meixnerxx, Antonino Albanese, Apostolos Papageorgiou, Hamzeh Khalili, Shuaib Siddiqui, and Dimitra Simeonidou