WP 1

Project Management

D1.1       Management Guidelines
D1.2       Project Innovation Strategy and DMP
D1.3       First Periodic Report
D1.4       Intermediate Quality Report
D1.5       Second Periodic Report
D1.6       Final Project Report

WP 2

5GCity Architecture, Requirements and Use Cases

D2.1       5GCity System Requirements and Use Cases
D2.2       5GCity Architecture & Interfaces Definition
D2.3       5GCity Architecture & Interfaces Update
D2.4       5GCity Final Arch. & Interfaces
D2.5       5GCity Business models & Tecno-economics

WP 3

5GCity Virtualization Platform

D3.1       5GCity Edge Virtualization Infrastructure Design
D3.2       5GCity Virtualization Infrastructure Interim Release
D3.3       5GCity virtualization infrastructure implementation

WP 4

Scalable Management & Orchestration, and Service Programming Models

D4.1       Orchestrator design, service programming, and ML models
D4.2       Scalable orchestrator interim release
D4.3       Location-aware ML mechanisms
D4.4       5GCity orchestrator release

WP 5

5GCity Use Cases piloting and validation

D5.1       5GCity infrastructure design and definition
D5.2       Validation and integration of the developed modules and solutions
D5.3       Use case city-wide implementation

WP 6

5GCity dissemination, exploitation, and standardization

D6.1       5GCity dissemination and communication plan
D6.2       Standardization and Exploitation plan
D6.3       Interim report on dissemination, exploitation, and standardization activities
D6.4       Interim report on dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities
D6.5       Final report on dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities