5GCity Orchestrator’s final release is out there!

The final version of the 5GCity Orchestrator has been released in October 2019.

All the components that were included in its conceptual architecture design have been implemented by our software developers in the 5GCity GitHub space, and various of them are being considered for open-sourcing to the broader public.

Various well-established open-source solutions such as OpenSourceMano (OSM), fog05, and Prometheus have been employed and extended in order to cover important functionalities related to service orchestration, while a lot of additional intelligence, especially with regard to service design and lifecycle management, as well as sophisticated slicing mechanisms, have been added around them.

Some highlights among the features of the 5GCity Orchestrator are the drag-and-drop service design, the simple interactive generation of Network Function Virtualization (NFV descriptors), the delay- and/or CPU-optimizing VNF placement logic, the resources-aware slicing mechanisms, and more.

This platform version is already in use for the first official Use Case test runs in Barcelona, Bristol, and Lucca, which usually last one week, and are repeated upon demand.

*** thanks to Apostolos Papageorgiou – I2Cat