5GCity at EuCNC’18


The 27th edition of EuCNC 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last 18 to 21 June, as part of a series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP; were financially supported by the European Commission.  The event was focusing on communication networks and systems, services and applications.  It brought together a vast community of researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing demos tasting, and trials of research projects results, especially from successive European R&D programmes.

Completed its first year,  5GCity project had played an active part at this important event. The members of the consortium took part in different activities, making important contributions and strengthening collaboration with other EU Horizon2020 5G-PPP Phase 2 projects.

EuCNC Workshops

5GCity participated in the following workshops on 18 June:

Workshop 1 : Vertical Industries & Services for 5G (VIS5G)

5GCity media and communication partners, NextWorks and Comunicare Digitale took part at  Workshop 1 : Vertical Industries & Services for 5G (VIS5G) .  The workshop was led by projects that drive vertical industry adoption of 5G; through the promotion and research in applications of 5G communications. Experts on 5G discussed the possible vertical applications of 5G; and how applications are improving with the development of 5G standards. This was also an opportunity to understand how the different verticals of 5G are shaping up and encourage collaboration across projects and sectors. Outputs fed into relevant WGs within the 5G PPP and the 5G-IA, such as Automotive WG, Trials WG, Pre-standardization, and Spectrum.

Workshop 3: 2nd Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G

5GCity project coordinator, Dr. Sergi Figuerola, i2CAT, chaired session 3 and held presentations with AdLink at Workshop 3: 2nd Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G . This workshop represented a link between 5G-PPP phase 1 projects and new 5G-PPP projects, like 5GCity; which are conducting research in the areas of SDN and NFV multi-domain orchestration and federation, fog, edge and distributed cloud computing. A working group that put in common their results by strengthening the relationship between projects’ participants, extending collaborations, and sharing common exploitation strategies. The workshop addressed the Network Service Providers ecosystem, that is maximizing usage efficiency of their resources and limited in revenue generation capability from rigid service.

Workshop 4: 2nd Workshop on business models and techno-economic analysis for 5G networks

A very active 5GCity partner, InCITES Consulting organized the Workshop 4: 2nd Workshop on business models and techno-economic analysis for 5G networks, in collaboration with VirtuWind, 5GEX, SPEED-5G, 5G-MiEdge, and 5G-MoNArch projects. The reason for the workshop was to showcase the work of 5GCity and other 5GPPP 2 Phase projects and discuss business and techno-economic issues of 5G networking. The workshop also hoped to bring together 5G projects as well as other interested parties which have a common interest in the development and progression of the identified topics.

Workshop 6: 5th International Workshop on programmable networks: Demystifying software networks for Vertical Industries

5GCity also participated at Session 2: Technical presentations of the relevant 5G PPP projects, on Workshop 6: 5th International Workshop on programmable networks: Demystifying software networks for Vertical Industries with a presentation intitled “A distributed cloud and radio platform for 5G neutral hosts”. This workshop aimed to bring together top researchers in software networks under the umbrella of the EU H2020 5G-PPP projects, to share their ideas and results, creating an opportunity for synergy in particular with other 5G-PPP and H2020 5G projects.

Workshop 8: Next generation network systems security

5GCity partner InCITES was part of the organization of Workshop 8: Next generation network systems securityThe purpose of this workshop organized under the theme track “NET – Network softwarisation”, was to present the on-going work regarding next generation network systems security. Presenting the work started first with 5G Security and 5G Verticals security within 5G PPP; continuing the work done by other not only 5G projects, to share results and outcomes. To drive the Vision of ‘5G Security & beyond’, invited speakers opened the discussion with stakeholders, to complement the findings from work done vs on-ongoing next generation network systems security.

EuCNC Special Sessions

Special Session 5: 5G Architecture towards Verticals.

The activities continues with 5GCity partners, Wind Tre and RAI, with their presentations at the Special Session 5: 5G Architecture towards Verticals. Both stressed 5GCity outputs on the opportunity 5G represents, as the first generation of mobile networks. It was stressed how 5G offers unlimited mobile broadband experience; and how 5G can provide a massive connectivity from smart devices to sensors and machines. In this special session, pitches from vertical industries, operators and vendors were encouraged to trigger a panel discussion.

EuCNC Exhibition & Booth

From June 19 to 21, in the main Foyer 1 at EUCnC2018 venue, 5GCity Consortium had its exhibition booth (Booth # 17), to showcase the technical developments at different fronts in the project, at the end of its first year of execution. The proposed demonstrations reflected the objectives of 5GCity project, performing the following three demos:

  • Neutral Hosting
  • Guest Optimization in 5GCity (Unikraft)
  • 5GCity far-Edge Orchestrator & VIM (fog05)

Apart from the above demos, other communication actions were planned to promote the 5GCity outputs; such as, posters for each demo; a video showing 5GCity infrastructure deployments in Barcelona, Bristol and Lucca cities; as well as a general project roll-up poster, and 5GCity flyers.

Great commitment and attention were put by most 5GCity partners to present and share with other EU H2020 5G-PPP projects their latest research results and showcasing demos among an international community of researchers, to give its contribution for successive European R&D programmes.