Adlink wins Compass Intelligence award

The 6th annual Compass Intelligence awards honors the top companies, products, and technology solutions in mobile, IoT, and emerging technology industries.

After nominations come in from companies, PR and corporate communications firms, and others the awards are then voted on by 40+ industry-leading press, editors, journalists, thought leaders, and analysts. The program includes three primary award categories: Mobile & Wireless, IoT/Connected Solutions, and Bamboo Mobile, along with CompassIntel.com selected “of the Year” awards.

The 50 nominated awards and 5 Compass-selected awards identify the best in mobile devices and software, wireless technology, mobile applications, platforms, Internet of Things, wearables, reuse/recycling of devices, robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, connected products, and emerging solutions.

ADLINK has received a in the category “ Data: Company of the Year.”

Congratulations to our great 5G City partner!